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What Will My Obituary Say?

2006 August 31, 1:40 am
‘What will your obituary say?’ at

This reminds me of my past habit to laugh at the obituaries. I do not to do it now, considering the fact that the people I care about may one day be there.

However, whenever I see just the word ‘obituary’ in the papers, I still cannot help laughing. I feel bad for doing it, but the word prods me to ponder about which picture they would use and what would be said for my obituary. It just cracks me up…

To our beloved friend, Logen, you will be sorely missed.

Your neighbours at plot 22 and 24, have been informed about your habit to fart several times a day.

We hope you love the Armani shirt.

No need to tell me… I know I’m weird. What’s new?

P.S. Considering the time, I’m freaking out a tad bit about the ‘neighbours’.


What The Hell!

2006 August 30, 5:50 pm

Lover Offering Gratification and Erotic Necking

[ L.O.G.E.N. ]

Boredom got the better of me, and thus, I decided to decode my name at the Sexy Name Decoder. The results then induced my, “WHAT THE HELL?” response.

Then again, lets not reveal the thoughts in my mind. So hot…


Bimbos In A Feigned Accent

2006 August 30, 1:29 am

[Sound-only recording, subtitles are included]

On Monday, that was what the two bimbos, Aisvarya and Eileen, were doing while walking to the bus-stop; conversing spontaneously with a feigned British accent. Then of course, there was Shermin who did the sound effects, or rather, effect.

Eileen keeps repeating her, ‘Oh my’s, and Aisvarya on the other hand, rambles to no end about her ‘poor dear’. Ironically, both Shermin and I were the closest to anything that could be called ‘poor’. However, I confess myself to be thoroughly entertained by them both, at the end of a long school-day.


The Code Of Doubt

2006 August 29, 7:07 pm

I’m drained of mood, unable to type out an entry that truly satisfies me. Just feel like posting my feelings…

So confused, whenever I try to analyse the signs, my mind believes and disbelieves. My only reaction -to shiver with joyous anticipaton if they were to be true.

Stuck in between. Very much like being under a machine that compresses and flattens; you know you’re going to be thin thereafter and yet if you go through with it, your vital organs get crushed as well.

To believe or not to believe, that is the question. I want to believe it, but I’m afraid to be the fool. What is there to lose? Everything…

P.S. On re-reading, I doubt, many will be able to decipher what I speak of. However there are clues, not in the confines of this entry.


The Tranquil Night

2006 August 28, 6:57 pm

The Tranquil Night
[ my late night inspiration ]


Cool air in thy lungs
Meekly, the tree leaves flutter
The night, so tranquil

-Logen Lanka


P.S. My first true attempt at a haiku. I drew inspiration from the carpark below my appartment, late at night.


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4am The Bitching Hour

2006 August 28, 4:38 am

If ever, I need rescuing, it is now. I have not slept yet and I have to get up at six. Considering the fact that my Dnt folio is incomplete, I probably won’t be sleeping soon. Piece the previous information with the O’ level deadline which is today, Monday, and you’ll understand why I am going mad.

Right now, my mind is groggy and whenever I stand up to walk, it feels like I’m floating. This consequently means that when I hit the bed, I’ll get sleep paralysis again. Hopefully, it will be some sexual fantasy. Otherwise, it would be a nightmare. I mean nightmare to be nightmare!

Good Night. See the irony of ‘good night’?

P.S. This is something I cannot feel better about. The ‘Pinky and The Brain’ song is playing in my head.


Stupid Asshole

2006 August 26, 11:51 pm

I have practised some self-restraint so as not to vulgarise the title, but I do not know if I will be able to censor those words anymore. My blood is boiling.

While on the bus, coming back from a Dnt folio meeting, I had a minor argument with some dumb fuck. The bus was bleeding crowded and there was no space except the center, in front of the back doors. Thus, whenever passengers alighted from both sides, I had to stand straight at center, while they brushed against me.

Then, this bitching cow, spoke aloud, “ARE YOU GETTING DOWN?”. Despite his rudeness and his knowledge that I wasn’t deaf, I answered, “no”. Then that barbarian proceeded to yell something to the effect of me not having the brains to move elsewhere.

This time, I was already getting annoyed by his yelling, so my response to him I shouted, “WHERE ELSE CAN I STAND AT?”. He looked on and said, “Cannot go down the bus is it?”. At that point, I wondered who was the one who really had no brains. There was no purpose in speaking reason with a caveman, staring at him, one word left my mouth, “SLUT”.

After which, my rage made me forget to press the stop button. Hence, causing me to walk all the way back, pass the opening of the highway. I do not know whether I am more angry at that animal or at myself, for allowing him to control my emotions. On hindsight, I should have answered his words cheerfully and with random phrases; it would definitely make him more angry and feel stupid. Let’s see…

“ARE YOU GETTING DOWN!” he shouts.

“OH, its you,” laughs maniacally, “long time no see. So did the cream for genital herpes work?”

He replies by yelling something about no brains…

“Aww, you poor thing, they must be ill-treating you at the zoo,” shake head and looks sad, “no wonder you have so much pent up anger.”

“CANNOT GO DOWN THE BUS IS IT?” he shouts again.

“Wow, junior finally learnt how to say ‘bus’! Daddy’s so proud of you.” Then look at the lady with a child an say in a mock arrogant voice, “Who’s you daddy, eh? Who’s your daddy…”

Seriously, I shouldn’t have taken the bait. Never allow someone else to push your buttons…

P.S. I feel so much better. And less bitchy too.