The New Beginning

2006 August 20, 8:54 pm

Screen-shot of Previous Blog
[Screen-shot of previous blog in its first theme]

In my previous weblog, I had stated the primary wherefore of blog-switching, to be the nearly uncustomisable themes and lack of certain functions of WordPress. Well, as can be seen, I am still using WordPress.

A week ago, I had been skulking around the net for other WordPress-Platform blogs and found a few. Thereafter, I eliminated those that were substandard; left standing were both WordPress and Blogates.

After an in depth study of both organisations’ FAQ’s, TOS’s and policies, I was forced to accept WordPress as the clear winner. Blogates‘ only pro, was its slight functionality to be customised. However, its downsides outweighed the pro; forced-advertising, lack of evidence to deem it reliable and perhaps even more lack of function.

Since, I had decided to continue my use of WordPress, why then, did I still switch blogs? Simply, I was unable to identify myself with it. I had already moved on with a fairly different stage in my life.

The previous blog, was a representation of my past self and purpose. My past self was one who strove to better himself to the extent of being another person too quickly. No doubt a better person, but also a person unable to live up to that, at times.

It was a necessary mistake. Without making it and then confessing, change would never occur.

Hence, as at now, I would like to think myself as a paradox; true to myself and yet, conflicting. Welcome to Logish Paradox.


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