About Logish

2006 August 22, 12:16 am

It is time for me to get down to some bitching. After all, it’s what I do best. Nay, actually I’m multi-talented, truly.

So, here are some things about me. I like to think a lot, either philosophically or morbidly. I hate to be in the state of depression but yet, sometimes, I just love to be in touch with sadness.

Relating to the generalisation of the genders, people say I’m effeminate. I probably am. So? I have already learnt to deal with it and not link it to my self-worth, rather than supress and deny it.

Sometimes I prefer to be alone, for the sake of reinforcing my identity. It’s hard to be in touch with your ideals when you have to deal with people and, their tactless ignorant judgements at a regular basis.


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