Not The Footnotes

2006 August 23, 1:43 am

I do not know if ever in my life, I had this much lust and desire for a certain someone. However, this desire is in vain. Sufficed to say, I am a deviant from the norm. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, how about the wherefores of my lust. Three statements to sum it up…

First, I tend to want what I can never receive. It is a rather universal flaw.

Second, seemingly mysterious or depressed people draws me. In the case of mysterious people, I want to be part of the mystery and be the only other person who knows the secret. As for the latter, I want to be the confidant, pillar of the person or even shoulder the pain.

Lastly, I am attracted to the extreme ends of both spectrums. In other words, an angel or the devil.

Hence, an angel of mysteries, who might be possessed by the devil for all I care, but never could be gotten. My tiny vestige of hope that something could happen, spurs from ‘mystery’; since the personality is a mystery, perhaps, my wish may come true. Then again, I have a very active imagination. Just read the sonnet


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