Rated E -A Waste Of Air Time

2006 August 23, 11:07 pm

What do you think the ‘E’ of Rated E represents? Could it be ‘eww’, a universal expression of disgust? Or could it be ‘eff’, a euphemism for the word, ‘fuck’. What do you think?

Either way, the statements have expressed my views on this pathetic excuse of a show. Oh, ‘excuse’, Rated-Excuse. Why hadn’t I thought of that before?

Half the time, the hosts and commentator competes to say the word ‘cool’, ‘global’ or whatever word is their focus for that episode. Their “satirical” comments are pathetic and completely lacks humour it strives to achieve.

Anyway, this episode of Rated E, is like a Humanities lesson, specifically Social Studies. However, in this case, the information on globalisation is utterly useless with witless commentary. Not going to ace that test after all.

At this point, I must apologise as I am unable to obtain the video of the “Ja Vinci Code” code episode. The part where Hossan Leong tries to decipher Ja’s commentary in the Singapore Idol judging was unfunny, contradictory and mean-spirited. I almost forgot that I wasn’t watching a group of bitchy bimbotic sluts who think they are the queens of humour.

In short, Rated E is shallow, and tries to be the Singapore version of Entertainment Tonight cum Ellen DeGeneres Show. Once again, an excuse of a show and thus, a waste of air time. Why can’t we have an original local programme that does not attempt to use the monkey see, monkey do philosophy. And at that, our monkeys aren’t really good at being monkeys at all.

It is a really short entry, considering that I’m talking about a show which had gotten too much publicity, weeks before its debut. But that is all I can say of it. The local entertainment shows (though not all) are dwindling into a heap of dung.



  1. haha… i found out how.. just…

  2. Okay, now I know what you found out. Oh, and I’m glad that Rated E isn’t here to embarrass and demoralise the image of Singapore, if your info is accurate.

  3. after all the pomp and advertising on how “edgy” it is,i was severely disappointed .if it is edgy,it is.it’s edges me into sleep and seriously not entertaining.yet i disagree on the hossan leong thing.i happened to be laughing my head on that episode.but that’s just my view.

  4. And I respect your view 🙂

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