Wishful Androgynous Lust

2006 August 23, 12:34 am

In darkened skies -the moon, the stars- they glow,

My heart, my soul, my bed belongs to you.

Eyelids shut and thence, thy sensual dew.

Beguiling scent; tight cords that bind my bones.


Stifled by sweet lips, the groans and moans…

An angel’s face, no doubt, the devil’s deal!

Charming eyes of fiery passion brew,

My wish, as such, for spinning Earth to slow.


At daylght’s prod, I see you nowhere here,

Beknown to me, enslaved by night-time’s bid.


Dire desperate lust, my futile tears.

To thrive, in other’s dreams, you need to feed.


Henceforth, pray I, the bleedin’ sun to die

Till then, my nightly visions, live to lie.

-Logen Lanka


P.S. This was the erotic sonnet I posted in my previous blog. I’ll add the footnotes that explains, later on. For now, interpret it as you wish.


First posted in:https://logishlifestyle.wordpress.com/2006/08/08/wishful-androgynous-lust/


One comment

  1. […] Hence, an angel of mysteries, who might be possessed by the devil for all I care, but never could be gotten. My tiny vestige of hope that something could happen, spurs from ‘mystery’; since the personality is a mystery, perhaps, my wish may come true. Then again, I have a very active imagination. Just read the sonnet… Posted in Sensuality | […]

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