Stressed Out

2006 August 25, 7:19 pm

I am on the verge of lunacy, and both, cranky and irritated. I want to write about it, but my mood does not allow a good entry.

Anyway, on mentioning my moods, I suddenly recalled a personal goal of renouncing ego and not allowing a particular mood to gain control of my actions. I am not one to ‘puke’ on friends nor family. Not forgetting, I hate being a puppet to something or someone else.

Albeit so, recently, I had to feign moodiness and stress, in hope that I’d be left alone by persistent people. The fallout of it was this becoming a habit. Hence, causing myself to be really stressed, aggravated also by my incomplete Dnt folio, due on Monday.

I may be bitchy, but throwing tantrums is not my style. I do not like it when it is done to me. Constant tantrums are marks of a severe lack of control in life; you can see kids doing it.

P.S. I always feel better when I rant, though I am still feeling anxiety over the Dnt folio.


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