Stupid Asshole

2006 August 26, 11:51 pm

I have practised some self-restraint so as not to vulgarise the title, but I do not know if I will be able to censor those words anymore. My blood is boiling.

While on the bus, coming back from a Dnt folio meeting, I had a minor argument with some dumb fuck. The bus was bleeding crowded and there was no space except the center, in front of the back doors. Thus, whenever passengers alighted from both sides, I had to stand straight at center, while they brushed against me.

Then, this bitching cow, spoke aloud, “ARE YOU GETTING DOWN?”. Despite his rudeness and his knowledge that I wasn’t deaf, I answered, “no”. Then that barbarian proceeded to yell something to the effect of me not having the brains to move elsewhere.

This time, I was already getting annoyed by his yelling, so my response to him I shouted, “WHERE ELSE CAN I STAND AT?”. He looked on and said, “Cannot go down the bus is it?”. At that point, I wondered who was the one who really had no brains. There was no purpose in speaking reason with a caveman, staring at him, one word left my mouth, “SLUT”.

After which, my rage made me forget to press the stop button. Hence, causing me to walk all the way back, pass the opening of the highway. I do not know whether I am more angry at that animal or at myself, for allowing him to control my emotions. On hindsight, I should have answered his words cheerfully and with random phrases; it would definitely make him more angry and feel stupid. Let’s see…

“ARE YOU GETTING DOWN!” he shouts.

“OH, its you,” laughs maniacally, “long time no see. So did the cream for genital herpes work?”

He replies by yelling something about no brains…

“Aww, you poor thing, they must be ill-treating you at the zoo,” shake head and looks sad, “no wonder you have so much pent up anger.”

“CANNOT GO DOWN THE BUS IS IT?” he shouts again.

“Wow, junior finally learnt how to say ‘bus’! Daddy’s so proud of you.” Then look at the lady with a child an say in a mock arrogant voice, “Who’s you daddy, eh? Who’s your daddy…”

Seriously, I shouldn’t have taken the bait. Never allow someone else to push your buttons…

P.S. I feel so much better. And less bitchy too.



  1. lmao just dropped by n saw tis post. e random phrases funny.. i wonder how stupid n embarrassed tad guy would b if u said tad.. haha! anyway, take care (:

  2. Lol. Yea, thanks. Pity me, I won’t be sleeping; need to complete the Dnt folio by tomorrow.

  3. ROTFLMAO!! Seriously! U shud’ve actually gone ahead and given him all that you had to offer in words! Wouldn’t hurt at all! I was wonderin how I wud’ve reacted if someone like urself had made all those comments and see the expression on the moron’s face when he wouldn’t have understood shit! Fuck! I would’ve been laughin my ass off right there!! In the crowd!

    Good one. :-))

  4. Thanks. Glad you liked it šŸ˜€

    Though, I wonder why I called him a slut… It just flowed out of my mouth. Lol. I think I’d need language control pretty soon.

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