4am The Bitching Hour

2006 August 28, 4:38 am

If ever, I need rescuing, it is now. I have not slept yet and I have to get up at six. Considering the fact that my Dnt folio is incomplete, I probably won’t be sleeping soon. Piece the previous information with the O’ level deadline which is today, Monday, and you’ll understand why I am going mad.

Right now, my mind is groggy and whenever I stand up to walk, it feels like I’m floating. This consequently means that when I hit the bed, I’ll get sleep paralysis again. Hopefully, it will be some sexual fantasy. Otherwise, it would be a nightmare. I mean nightmare to be nightmare!

Good Night. See the irony of ‘good night’?

P.S. This is something I cannot feel better about. The ‘Pinky and The Brain’ song is playing in my head.



  1. pinky and the brain?!!!!haha!!!!!that’s just too funny!!!!bwahahahaahaah!!!!

  2. Must blame it on my class… Some of them seem to be in the “pinky and the brain” song mood. lol

  3. pinky and the brain!!! yay!! wan the song??? lol….

  4. Hahaha. You a bit crazy today ah? Lol. Hmm. Don’t think I’ll need the song yet. lol

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