The Code Of Doubt

2006 August 29, 7:07 pm

I’m drained of mood, unable to type out an entry that truly satisfies me. Just feel like posting my feelings…

So confused, whenever I try to analyse the signs, my mind believes and disbelieves. My only reaction -to shiver with joyous anticipaton if they were to be true.

Stuck in between. Very much like being under a machine that compresses and flattens; you know you’re going to be thin thereafter and yet if you go through with it, your vital organs get crushed as well.

To believe or not to believe, that is the question. I want to believe it, but I’m afraid to be the fool. What is there to lose? Everything…

P.S. On re-reading, I doubt, many will be able to decipher what I speak of. However there are clues, not in the confines of this entry.


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