What Will My Obituary Say?

2006 August 31, 1:40 am
‘What will your obituary say?’ at QuizGalaxy.com

This reminds me of my past habit to laugh at the obituaries. I do not to do it now, considering the fact that the people I care about may one day be there.

However, whenever I see just the word ‘obituary’ in the papers, I still cannot help laughing. I feel bad for doing it, but the word prods me to ponder about which picture they would use and what would be said for my obituary. It just cracks me up…

To our beloved friend, Logen, you will be sorely missed.

Your neighbours at plot 22 and 24, have been informed about your habit to fart several times a day.

We hope you love the Armani shirt.

No need to tell me… I know I’m weird. What’s new?

P.S. Considering the time, I’m freaking out a tad bit about the ‘neighbours’.



  1. u lucky devil…..u get missed by prince charles???i got missed by mr potato head!

  2. I guess I have connections then. LOL. JK

  3. I thought I was the only one…I always imagin my obituaries and also my suicide notes. Not that I would ever kill myself but it would be the best letter you could ever write. You can make a real impact on people by saying something when they know you died, it gives you some kind of holy status.

  4. Yea, its sometimes nice to imagine what would happen if we make certain choices. Often, I welcome some of those emotions as well.

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