Though You’re Gone, The Pain Lingers

2006 September 1, 12:21 am

[ Harry Potter Fan Video by Becca ]

The first few times I watched this video, which was several months ago, I teared. This video capitalises on the pain of in-between, as I like to call it; the pain is over, yet the memory lingers on.

Harry craves to forget the pain of the loss of his parents. However, his destiny to destroy Lord Voledemort, is a big reminder of their deaths in itself. To be reminded of you being the cause of your parents death, every moment… That is cruel.

P.S. I’m not really in a Harry Potter mood now. Albeit so, I can’t wait for the next movie and most of all, book!



  1. A very well put together video, I am not a Harry Potter fan but I am into the supernatural, astral travelling and things like that. BTY I like your blog .

  2. Thanks Decie 🙂 I guess we have some things in common then, with the exception of me being a Harry Potter fanatic. Lol.

  3. HELLO!!!! I read ALL of your post and some of them are so hilarious. I like the one you did on Ais and Eileen. Laughed my ass off.. Lol. Your blog’s bloody good i tell you. Can spark off many emotions at one go. Continue blogging!! =) Loves ya. TC

  4. Haha. Thanks. August was a period of craziness. See what my next dominant emotion is. LOL.

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