The Future Of Singapore Idol Contestants

2006 September 3, 10:59 pm

[First Singapore Idol, Taufik, in 7-eleven ad]

Judging by what happened to the first Singapore Idol, Taufik Batisah, we all know that Singapore Idol, bluntly speaking, is simply a competition for a job at 7-Eleven. At best, a cheesy modeling job.

It is then, a mystery to me, why an immense amount of people are willing suffer while lining-up for the auditions. All that needs to be done is to run to the nearest outlet and get an interview for the job. It is after all, a convenience store; it is there for convenience. Then again, some people love challenges. Kudos to them.

Seriously, this is how your singing talent and fame is exploited. They train you to become walking bill-boards.

Need a confirmation? Watch the next video. Sadly enough, they still aren’t aware of their impending fate, despite being in a 7-eleven store.

[S.I. Version Of The Music Video -Hey Ya by Outkast]

On hindsight, I now know why 7-eleven specifically requests them to advertise for BIG GULP. Adding insult to injury, their fates can only be characterised by the big gulp

Disclaimer: I have nothing against the contestants nor 7-eleven. I just think Singapore Idol should quit lying to the contestants. This is especially so, when judging by the votes, most of the viewers have horrible tastes in music, or are terrible judges or simply are deluded that they are watching a modeling contest.



  1. ROCK ON BRO!!

    YEAH!! Thats exactly my point when i posted today!!! Go see my recent post. Gosh… I mean not only singapore idol. Check out the whole superstar thing too!! It’s getting way out of hand.

    Btw, those so called “mtv” done by the SI contestants? Are a load of crap. Even my gramma could do better. Eeeew…

  2. Hahaha. Yep. Your blog post actually reminded me to blog about this. Usually, I refrain from writing about the media unless its bugging me or big. Lol.

    In this case, lets just say its a mosquito.

  3. I agree with you guys. I live in Australia, and the quality of the performances are MUCH better, and we have a live band most of the time for the performers. Backing vocals included too! And when i was watching the SI performances on Youtube, and the SI website, I have to say they are generally below Idol-standard (if there is really one). Sad to hear about Taufik and his 7-Eleven stint. And Hady’s MTV for his ‘wing’ song was simply ugly.

    I think Singapore Idol is really for a laugh.

  4. Hopefully, the standards will rise eventually. One can only hope. Lol.

    Anw, I didn’t watch the MTV nor am I intending to do so. 😀

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