One Week Vacation

2006 September 4, 3:27 am

Holiday Blog
[Sunset over the lake]

The one week school vacation begins today, Monday. As such, I must start studying for the impending preliminary examinations.

To reduce distractions, I have decided that I will not be studying at home but else where. It could mean bringing a different set of distractions but I know the perfect place; a place which makes me feel like I’m out of the country.

As a second option, I could return to school and pester the teachers to give me a crash course on the various subjects. However, I do have second thoughts about making myself an easy victim for the Operations Manager(discipline).

Anyway, knowing how obsessed I am with this blog, and how hard it has been working for me, I decided to give it a break. Hence, my crazy idea…

I will be pretending that my blog has gone a holiday, somewhere in cyberspace for at least three days. Considering that a fact, I will therefore be blog-less for the unprecedented amount of time. This will mean even lesser distractions.

I will then most likely be opening a holiday blog; a separate blog to further convince me that I’m on a tranquil vacation. That blog will have lesser complications and lower maintenance; I need not work on promotion and customisation. Ah… The simple blog life…

To my blog: Have fun…

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  1. Please, I would prefer you don’t get distracted by the demands to update another blog. You can post the titbits on your holidays on this your cool blog as well.

    Your posts read like you are a serious scholar in the making and you know your priorities.

    I wish you success all the way.

    God bless.

  2. Thanks for the compliments, Orikinla. I do think I am going crazy about the blog again. Not forgetting the GCE’O’s exams… I’ve been procrastinating and can’t seem to be prodded into action. Sighs.

    I guess my priorities are in a mess now.

    Nonetheless, I wish you well. 🙂

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