Controlled By Lust, And Ego

2006 September 19, 10:19 pm

Each day, I long for thy scent but never will I receive its source. Why ought I cling on foolishly? Why does hope have such an effect?

What is love? Yet another way to affirm the ego and thus a source of comfort? It seems that it is all relative to the mind’s eye. Despite so, I crave for thy touch of comfort. But again, I know it is too much to ask for.

Ultimately, I do not matter… find your happiness and I shall seek my lone path. I am very tired, emotionally and mentally.

I am still in the loop; the only difference is that I’m running faster in desperation and consequently slamming myself harder on the wall… I am afraid that I would slip back into depression. To feel helpless and hopeless day after day, lacking the motivation to live life and being numb.


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