Harry Potter Saga Theory

2006 September 19, 1:14 am

Warnings: Harry Potter Spoilers 1 – 7

I had a thought on the impending end of the Harry Potter Saga… Remember how Dumbledore kept emphasising on the power to love, while Harry remained cynical.

For the benefit of this theory -love is able to conquer Voldemort. In this context, ‘love’ is defined as compassion and empathy.

From The Order Of The Phoenix, Harry was possessed by Voldemort. Citing the statement, ‘for the first time, Dumbledore sounded frightened’, we can interpret it as Dumbledore’s lack of choice to lift the possession for he never is frightened for himself. However, Harry’s power to love, saved himself.

Using the concept of fire being unable to extinguish fire, it would inadvertently mean that Harry has to let go of his hate of Voldemort. He instead has to see Voldemort as an object worthy of compassion and love.

After all, we do know a bit about ancient magic -I am of course citing the example of Lily’s sacrifice for Harry. And I do not believe ancient magic to be a verbal or intended effect, somewhat like Priori Incantatem. In order for it to occur, it has to be a choice, and a powerful emotion that induces a lack of self-preservation. Both present in The Goblet Of Fire– Priori Incantatem, and The Philospher’s Stone– Lily’s sacrifice.

Thus, when Harry detaches his sense of self-preservation and gives out compassion to Voldemort, something might happen. From ancient magic, the concept of fire versus fire, cursed scar and the blood ties from blood magic(the potion that revived Voldemort… In my opinion, everything will play a part, both would be deceased or in essence, gone, due to the connection between the two. The key for it to happen is in

Then again it’s just a theory…


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