Renewed Sense Of Peace

2006 September 26, 10:36 pm

It has been a long while since I have updated the blog. Due to an incident that significantly disrupted my sense of inner peace (for want of a better term), I self-doubted the precepts formed by experience and certain philosophies; my emotions ran hay-wire.

Returning to Buddhism, which formed my very first precept, I delved into it deeper. On some counts, I am in agreement with it. However, I am still agnostic on the concept of rebirth. Not to forget, various Sects of Buddhism reject the idea of it/finds it redundant to achieve enlightenment.


Anyway, I’m some how done with that, and have decided to seek my own path than follow, because of fear. So, the Buddha, is my inspiration. On a more ‘Harry Potter’ perspective; Albus Dumbledore. A person who has nothing to lose, including himself, has no fear…


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