The Video Story Of The Buddha

2006 September 27, 1:46 am

[Growing Up by Leen1707]

This video was made with the editing of certain parts from the movie, Little Buddha. I’m not sure if you have heard the story of the Buddha; it is essential in understanding the above. Allow me to give you just a summary of the symbolism in the video.

The separte parts where, you’ll see an army shoot arrows, which turn into flowers before touching the Buddha and, a few women swinging in front of the Buddha. These two, respectively, are the army of Mara(delusion) and, daughters of Mara, who attempt to seduce the Buddha. They symbolise the internal delusion and temptations.

On a different part, You’ll see the Buddha grabbing hold of the hand of his reflection, which shortly turns into another person. If I am not wrong, this symbolises the equality and emptiness of all beings/something about his past life.

Expanding on the above mentioned, the concept of emptiness simply means that all things are devoid of a true meaning. Using the anology of our way of speech, I’ll attempt to explain…

Speech is made up of words; words, out of deliberation of sound patterns; sound patterns are sound itself. Initially, sound was just sound; it was devoid of meaning. It was the mind that thought out the specific sound pattern to give a meaning to.

So, if ‘this’ means ‘shit’, and ‘shit’, inversely means, ‘this’. Would it not be true that, ‘this is my name.’ would become, ‘shit is my name’. Is it not true that our speech is to a certain extent empty? We can only experience it because we are able to relate to it.

What is relate? If it isn’t relatable, it would be very much like telling the blind, “Look at the idiot in the red cap.” They would be wondering, ‘What do you mean by look?’, ‘What is red?’ and ‘What is a cap?’. Ironically, do you see it now?



  1. i dun get it … so complicated …

  2. i dun get it.. So complicated.. Put it in simpler terms???

  3. It’s hard to explain. I’ll try to look for another analogy of the concept.

  4. An orange is an orange. It is actually our minds that perceives it, to the extent of whether it is fresh or not, sweet or sour. And it is also our minds that came up with the label ‘orange’ for the orange.

    Without the mind, an orange is just an orange; the sunset is just the sun setting. Nothing more or less.

    Thus, all things are devoid of a true meaning, except the definitive given by our minds. Emptiness…

    Understanding the above is essential to understanding the problem of ego. This will be written about in my future post. Mandy, I hope this helps. 🙂

  5. Helps a little… So its something like “its all in the mind” ?

  6. Yep, in a way, but it is much more a powerful statement than that.

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