Walk Thy Path Of Impermanance

2006 October 2, 3:20 am

Again, I am faced with the difficult choice; to change the blog or not. Typical of me, isn’t it.

On the same note, it is funny as to how quickly my mood changes. To be at peace for a second, masochistic in the other and depressed before long.

I have to build and walk my path, and not follow in the footsteps of others, not even the Buddha. He has his path, I have mine; he has his truth, and I have mine. To make myself believe whole-heartedly in another’s truth and forsake mine, out of fear, brings no peace.

Anyway, back to the topic of blog switching. Only time will tell what it foresees. Ironically, it is not time, for time to show what it forsees.

P.S. The Buddha continues to inspire me. Time however, remains elusive. The hope for my baby to be mine, seems as stubborn as ‘eternity’. All these together, fails not to confuse me… Let us not get started on the others.



  1. Logen i swear you’re the cutest f*** ever man! Lol. You always come up with funny hilarious screwed up crazy ass dumb ideas that makes me smile from ear to ear. I love that man.. continue being sucha screwed up f***… Lol. I love you dude.. Take cares.. STUDY!! =)

  2. I’ve got a feeling you’re commenting on the wrong post. LOL.

  3. Great ….u dreamt u were a squib?that kinda sucks huh?i ‘ll hate it if i were a squib…..anyway remember your thoughts create your world,so maybe dreaming about being a squib was some remnant of thought about your insecurity on your life which u subconsciously think about everyday….ah well,we are all insecure abt our identities at this stage …

    ps dun mind me…i was talking to mr quek the other day and the identity part was left imprinted on my mind….god i hate philosphy sometimes….it sticks too much on my mind…..

  4. Ignore comments, problem with comment system…

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