O’s And Ego

2006 October 6, 11:55 pm

There is nothing new to say, except for the fact that the O’ Levels are nearing each moment. I have no time to gain inspiration for blogging. Hence, lesser updates.

For now, just some random news… The PSI in Singapore is currently at 80, and driving me crazy; flu, coughs and reddened eyes. In addition, the dry season does not help with my sleep.

Nearly three-quarters of the POA Syllabus has been covered. As for math, I have covered some of the important aspects with my tutor. The problem lies with my memory, which I am rather confident, would improve sooner than later. The other subjects will be focused on, the following week.

Anyway, there is something weighing on my mind; a specific issue. This applies to myself sometimes, but I try not to do it. Does anyone notice how much they incriminate others, when they themselves have the same faults.

How do you justify incriminating someone about their temper, because of their age? Are you supposed to be less tempermental when you’re older? If so, then I think certain people who are very much older than three are not acting their age. What is worse, they are judging someone else.

I believe we can agree that the ego remains at the same age, depite our true age. Let me just say, fire does not extinguish fire. If you don’t like how someone is treating you, do the opposite of what they are doing.



  1. I totally agree with that!! Fire don’t fight fire… Hey, loves! =) Take care aite?

  2. Yea, I will. 🙂

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