Graduation Of Thy Mind

2006 October 13, 2:53 am

graduation night
[Graduation Night]


Graduation Night is over; the hint that the end is near. As the new inevitably arrives, olden memories shall fade into the background. Slowly, contrary to thou will, perhaps only flashes of it will remain in thy conscious mind.

Be sentimental and grasp the reigns of time, with futile hope for it to halt. That, I shall and will not do. Hold dear to the people I love and care for? I would be a fool to do thus; my love and concern is deemed valueless.

Not sad, but perhaps feeling just a small vestige of hurt. It does not matter, for the feelings are but impermanent. So is all else within this world; limited by the eyes, nose, ears, tongue, skin and mind, with choices made from the input of all six. I choose to be detached and be happy…


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