I Am Losing Qi

2006 October 17, 10:05 pm

My energy is maxing out; I am unmotivated, though extremely inspired to do anything other than studying. Finally, I may be ready to come up with the storyline.

For those who do not know, I have a passion for writing. However, my capricious moods affects it most of the time.
Anyway, on studying  for the O’ Levels, everytime I complete a particular topic for a certain subject and move on to another, my memory junks out the previous information. It just is very discouraging.  I am bleeding tired of it happening…

Ahhh! Irritated beyond irritated. Let me revert to thinking about my special someone. I do think I am starting to get obsessed.

It is time to detach from the moods for now and remind myself of how delluded I am by those emotions. Urgh! Need to meditate again but I forgot how…

P.S. This is the most informal post I have written. Aside that, its time I shut the bloody ego up. It has been the cause of my moods. Then again, I haven’t had my dinner yet.


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