Animal Testing List

2006 October 19, 11:13 pm


The above link will show you the lists of companies that do and do not engage in animal testing. From what I have seen, it would be a difficult choice to make -to boycott or not. My answer -not yet.

1.jpg 4.jpg

[pictures from Animal-Testing.info]

picture source: http://www.animal-testing.info/ pictures.php




  1. Wow.. The list of companies that uses animal testing shocked me. Colgate uses animal testings?!?!? Gosh.. Very useful information. Thanks… Wth…

  2. Yep, you’re not the only one who got shocked. I think Proctor & Gamble and Johson & Johnson, shocked me more. That would mean, Herbal Essense, Head & Shoulders, a long list of products and well, Johson baby bath…

  3. i wanna see more picture sia… lols

  4. Perhaps you could show some sensitivity, Harris. 🙂

    How was the room painting anyway? lol

  5. hahah.. Say you paint it pink please harris!! Hahaha…

    And logen.. I used to use johnson and johnsons baby bath!! When i was young!! The no tears shit fooled me.. DAMN! Hahah..

  6. this was what?!i knew companies were doing animal testing but this is ridiculous!

  7. we need to find a solution to all of this foolishness!
    this IS ridiculous and we need to put it to a stop.
    all of you people are just talking to eachother on here and not paying attention to what SITE YOU ARE ON!!!! that is what MYSPACe is for!
    this is VERY IMPORTANT to the enviroment because if we keep using animal testing then all the animals will become extict.. the whole entire table will collaps.
    now… would you rather live in a world with all of your family and friends,
    or would yo urather not live at all???
    i think the government should put this to an end, and try to find a better solutio.
    im being more mature than any of you fools and im only 13!!!!!!!!!
    thank you. (:

  8. oh,
    and thank you very much for this information, because im doing research on this so called animal testing… (more like end of the world.)
    but thank you for your help. (:
    oh, and please respond to my comment. thank you and have a great day

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