Ironic Dream

2006 October 25, 11:57 pm

Is it not strange how we could readily believe what our mind perceives. The dreams we enter nightly, some we like and some we don’t. Yet, most of them, we have no control over. It is the reverse which is true -we allow it to control us, and we show our uninhibited character.

It was in this morning that I had slept, having a nightmare of myself discovering that I was a squib. For the benefit for those who do not know, a squib is a person who comes from a family lineage of wizards and witches but does not possess any magical powers.

Hence in discovery of the dreaded ‘fact’, I was crying in the dream, wondering why I was so different from the others. After I awoke, I was pondering, just pondering about that wretched dream, which I had thought to be real.

To wish it to be true would mean the entire Harry Potter Universe existed within our world. However, it would consequently mean that I would be a squib, rendering my knowledge of the magical world both to be useless and a cause of pain.

If the opposite was wished for, the HP Universe would then not exist. The term, ‘squib’, would therefore, not apply.

Sighs… What an irony.

Then again, my father, in the dream of course, did say that there was a possibility of something/someone sapping my powers, as there was a previous occasion where I had presented some magical ability. Thus, it was only logical that something was causing it to be diminished.

Now, all I have to do is wait for that darn owl. I hope the haze did not cause the delay of my Hogwarts letter. WOO! *grins maniacally*

P.S. Don’t mind me, I’m as usual, going from philosophical to being thoroughly maniacal.



  1. erm logen i think i left a message on this board but i think it accidently got put somewhere else.if possible check.thanks.

  2. Yea, I knew about it and have informed WordPress about the problem. Unfortunately your comment is still at another post.

    I’m sorry for not replying to it though. I wanted to, but the comment problem made me forget to. Lol.

    Anw, I’m hoping to dream about being in Hogwarts. I still waiting for my Hogwarts letter. lol

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