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Garden Plants Update

2006 November 26, 4:44 pm

Plant Motel

The tiny plants in the motel. It actually is a reused biscuit tray. As they say: “reduce, reuse, recycle!”

Plant Intensive Care Unit

Whereas, over here, the aloe vera is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). I suspected that its roots were rotting from the yellowing leaves, due to the soggy soil subtitute. Thus, I dried the blue stuff, break them into managable bits and then replanted the aloe vera and air plant together.

Over the next few days, I anticipate grass-growing, literally. I have acquired the seeds of the uninvited grass whoose seed had landed in the pot.

P.S. I really need another pot/container…


Changes And More Changes

2006 November 26, 4:09 pm

In the days to come, I may put my blog on an extremely short hiatus. The reasons are as follows.


I intend to:

1. Plan the Countdown To Christmas Special

2. Begin studying Pure Chemistry, as I have gotten the book already

3. Brainstorm for the short story, or at least find the damn notebook where I kept all my ideas in.

4. Memorise some SAT words out of the 5000 words list

5. Plan the direction in which this blog will move towards —

I really love the current blog. However, I’m unsure as to whether I should separate my various categories into different blogs. If I do, I will be able to cater to various niche markets.

I would love some feedback from my reader as well. Please, please, don’t disappoint me.


Fuzzy Socks Fetish

2006 November 26, 4:09 am

Evidently, I have recently acquired a morbid fetish for fuzzy socks. Therefore, I decided to search for them online. Allow your imagination to run wild!

All three varieties of the fuzzy socks, yielded from the search, gets positive customer reviews from Amazon. Thus, I have added the blue fuzzy socks and Santa fuzzy socks to my wish list.

Those are what I want for Christmas. I don’t mind if my certain someone comes with it. *grins maniacally*

Bold-Coloured Fuzzy Socks Fuzzy Santa Socks Duller-Coloured Fuzzy Socks

If you’re interested in getting your own fuzzy socks, follow the links in the above pictures. I wouldn’t mind if anyone out there wants to fulfill my wishes -the wish list.

P.S. The season of socks! Merry Christmas 🙂


Hot Kinky Fuzzy Socks

2006 November 25, 6:01 am

Kinky thoughts, anyone? Envisage a certain sexy someone of yours clad in nothing but warm fuzzy socks and Christmas cap this season. Alright, stop that naughty imagination of yours, and mine, of course.

Santa Cap

It is amazing how the mind runs amok thereafter. Without even a visual stimulus, you would have formed a picture in your mind. Well, if you’re a prude, you would probably have still formed that picture, but rejected it with much more than a vestige of shock.

Then, when asked to stop those thoughts, you can’t help but think about them. This comes under the study of thought suppression.

I want you not to think about a naked guy or girl in fuzzy socks and Christmas cap. Your likely response would be, “Okay, I must forget the naked… in fuzzy…”. Then in response to your own response you’d think: “Shit, I just thought about the naked… in fuzzy…”

How pardoxical. We can go on about it forever but I’d rather not.

Anyway, this has been a wonderful excuse to think about my certain someone in warm fuzzy socks for the Christmas season. So hot! I might go into this(not my certain someone!) more deeply on another day.

Just a little wisdom for you, it is what is on the inside that counts. Indeed! It is what is inside the fuzzy socks. Mmm. Yum.

Alright, alright, watch this space as I’ll be unveiling my sarong socks soon. Merry Christmas! 30 Days more!

-Logen Lanka


A Day Of Gardening

2006 November 24, 5:09 am

This is in line with my list of want-to-do’s for the holidays. My want for inner-peace and a refurnished room, prodded me to turn to gardening; houseplants for my room.

[ Soaked Artificial Soil ]

Prior to re-potting, I had to soak the artificial soil for 8 – 10 hours. 1/16 of what you see in the bucket above was its original size before soaking.

Just a chemistry fun fact, the soil is actually poly-something-amide, a type of organic macromolecules. Thus, it can be inferred that nitrogen from the amide linkage is used for plant fertiliser. I’ll check if I’m correct…

Messy Plants
[ Messy & Overcrowded Plants ]

As can be seen above, I had brought in the evidently overcrowded potted plant from outside. 3 types of plants, namely: Aloe Vera, a type of air plant, and grass. The former two are there by invitation, whereas the last, has its seeds flown in from downstairs.

baby airplants
[ Baby Air Plants ]

One of the baby air plants is my sister’s. Well, she was excited about the re-potting. It was one of our little agreements about what we’d do together after my GCE’ O’s.

I was originally thinking of re-potting the baby aloe veras but there weren’t any, due to the overcrowding. So, I re-potted one of the bigger ones instead, hopeful that it would recover to its original state of health.

Finished Plants
[ The Finished Product ]

For now, this is the complete product. I will have to wait until the plants get acclimated to the artificial soil to do anything.

P.S. I added an onion from the kitchen, to the blue container.

-Logen Lanka


It’s Snowing!

2006 November 23, 4:02 am

Look at the window on the right; the beautiful wintry scene and mountains. It’s finally snowing! Bliss beyond bliss.

Alright, yet another one of my delusions. Singapore, a country close to the equator, is never going to snow. Not unless there is a severe climate change due to global warming! I’ll spare you the details this while.


I was watching, awhile ago, an online promotion for a cable-TV channel on their programmes for the 25 days to Christmas Special; it has inspired me to have my own Undecided-Number-Of-Days to Christmas Special for this blog.

If I’m not particularly camera-shy, I might just let you have the DIY Sarong X’mas Sock Programme. Yea, I wear sarong socks occasionally. However, I am too lazy to unveil them at the moment.

In the mean time, watch this space. You would have noticed that the layout has been changed to bring in the Christmas cheers… So, Happy X’mas!


Order Of The Phoenix Trailer

2006 November 22, 5:13 am

[Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix teaser trailer]

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix‘ premieres in cinemas on 13th July 2007. Below is the four minute sneak peek on HBO On Demand.



P.S. Can’t wait for the movie and book!