O’ Levels Is Very Near

2006 November 4, 4:44 am

Literally the last lap before the O’s. I am currently having a fiasco of a marathon with time. I must not let it elude me once again. Otherwise, my fate shall be met; the first paper is on the 6th of November. YES! Two days…

I shall end this entry now. Around 5 chapters left, for physics chemistry, and nearly the whole syllabus for Social Studies.  Breathe, Logen. Breathe…



  1. AHHH !! Even you are mugging!! Shit logen.. Im like totally dead for O’s.. I will die!!! Oh noooo… Pls come for my funeral.. And rmb how i want itto be.. Punks at my funeral with black and red coffin.. Pls!! Dun forget me.. Ill be gone… =(

  2. You won’t die. Just have to keep the textbooks for another year. LOL. On a more panicky note, I’m not done with SS revision yet. Oh god… I need to get fuel to burn for my midnight lamp…

    Last lap, Mandy! You can do it!

  3. Jia you O. heehee. YUP!

  4. Thanks Sookie. Lol. All The Best To You 🙂


  6. I’ll have all the time to do so after the exams. My POA foundation is rather dusty, hopefully I do clear up within 2 days.

    Go study. lol. And all the best…

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