Fuzzy Socks Fetish

2006 November 26, 4:09 am

Evidently, I have recently acquired a morbid fetish for fuzzy socks. Therefore, I decided to search for them online. Allow your imagination to run wild!

All three varieties of the fuzzy socks, yielded from the search, gets positive customer reviews from Amazon. Thus, I have added the blue fuzzy socks and Santa fuzzy socks to my wish list.

Those are what I want for Christmas. I don’t mind if my certain someone comes with it. *grins maniacally*

Bold-Coloured Fuzzy Socks Fuzzy Santa Socks Duller-Coloured Fuzzy Socks

If you’re interested in getting your own fuzzy socks, follow the links in the above pictures. I wouldn’t mind if anyone out there wants to fulfill my wishes -the wish list.

P.S. The season of socks! Merry Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. i think u could be related to the late albus dumbledore.he loved socks.i miss that guy!argh!!!!!!

  2. Hahaha. Perhaps. But I doubt Dumbledore would have added a kinky perspective to it. If he did, it would be creepy. LOL.

    Sighs… Don’t remind me. I don’t want to grieve all over again. lol. I think I’ll definitely miss him even more as a character once the next book is published.

  3. think of it as a new beginning.i felt the same way when obi wan kenobi died in star wars.and also after brom died in eragon.but that’s another story.

  4. Lol. Nvm, its time I gone to the dark side. They now have chicken rice. Urgh that made me hungry. Bella is mine! wahahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. come back to the light side man!we have…..erm………popcorn!everyone loves popcorn!

  6. Yea, and the dark side has popcorn chicken. lol ๐Ÿ˜€

    P.S. [secret code to be read backwards] .ydloV no gniyps m’I

  7. fine……i guess if we need to throw someone to the dark side,it’ll be u.we at the order won’t miss u,but we think it’ll be a good idea to at least clear your desk before u go.because of that,i have to clear it for u,and i think i fainted due to the large no. of socks…..

    ps{same code}nekcihc erom deen ew.kcul doog.

  8. Haha, I know the secret of them having chicken rice and cookies. Muahahahahaha

    P.S. .eb regnol on llahs terces ehT .sunortap ym eviecer ot dnats llahs redro eht ecalp emas eht tA

    EXPECTO PATRONUM! >>> initiallising patronus
    sorry, will take awhile, I’m sending the patronus via the net.

    – Logen

  9. GREAT!why does the dark side have all the good stuff?i thought we had good food,but by golly i would like to say that our nasi lemak could never be up to their standard….BUT!i am still staying true to our order’s hokkien mee……forever!!!!!!

    ps:(old code)……..edoc wen gnitavitca.edoc ruo dnuof yeht

    PPS:(code:first and last letters correct ,very easy to distinguish the rest)ptaoruns reeceivd,but sncie wehn did you bcmeoe a cihcekn?i touhhgt you wree a gaot?

  10. It’s the chicken breed phoenix! Not chicken. lol.

    Opps. Voldys here…

    *non-vbl incantation*

    voldy: AVADA KEDAVRA

    logish: *apparates & reappears* transfigure air to solid and suffocates voldy

    voldy: transfigures solid air into snake skin… Crucio

    logish: deflects curse, wraps voldy in loops of fire.

    voldy: strugles to break loops… tries to untransfigure the fire… fire turns into a giant sarong sock… Voldy faints

    logish: Petrificus Totalus *aims at Avery* turns arnd, notices voldy is missing

    ****AVADA KEDAVRA****

    logish: switches into animagus form and flies to the order

  11. so u were the chicken that flew into the tree yesterday!the order was surprised when they heard the bump.u need any bandages?so this means he’ll come after us….unless the unplottable spell and the secret keeper are in effect?

  12. Er wait, I didn’t bump on that tree. I didn’t head for grimmy’s place. I was going to the other Order, Order of The Sarong, based in Singapore.

    Yep, you must be surprised. We have resistance in South-east Asia as well. The death-eaters here, call themselves Makan-Matis; the name does make me hungry. lol.

    Oh, ask everyone to stay inside, I doubt the chicken was just a chicken. And the Fidelius Charm is still working. I added a few other ancient enchantments as well; the tree isn’t just a tree. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’ve been awake for a long time but I cannot turn in yet. The bleedin ministry for magic here is horrible. More details will be patronused. I expect chicken rice when I get back. Tell Mcgonagall to prepare it.

    P.S. I’ve stolen the cookies from the dark side. LOL

    – Logish

  13. about that chicken we discussed,the order realized that the chicken was actually a spy for umbridge.curse that woman!fortunately,tonks tripped and accidently fell on the chicken,which died due to the crushing weight falling on it and breaking its neck.
    it’s having a nice time in a steaming kind of bath.pls have fun eating the chicken rice.

    oh yeah,McGonagall,asks me to tell you to cook your own rice.the only reason why she did it this time was because she stole some of your lemon drops and later felt guilty about it.

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