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Harry Potter Book Title Released!

2006 December 31, 5:11 am

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows‘ is the title of J.K. Rowling’s last book of the ‘Harry Potter’ novels. Being quite skeptical of the info, I cross-referenced with sources of authority, which can be found below. You’re welcome to check it.

Anyway, here’s a little treat for you. Enjoy…

P.S. Bellatrix is hot! And she is wrong about the only female death-eater thing.

– Logen Lanka


At the time of this entry, Bloomsbury’s site was down.


New Year Resolutions

2006 December 31, 12:47 am

I’ve been rather cranky lately due to the gradual flare-up of eczema. Well, it is said that during adversity, people show their true colours. Hence, my first resolution as follows:


1. Be at peace within, and think pragmatically, at all times. Especially during adversity.

2. Devote snippets of time for insight-meditation.

3. Learn Spanish and Esperanto. Yeah! I want to be Zorro. *laughs*

4. Write freelance at least once for a magazine (preferably literary/reader’s digest).

5. Devote time to seek ultimate reality, just as the Buddha had done. Thus explains why I’m going to further studies on Physics and Chemistry.

6. Write a short-story/novel. Despite having the whole plot in my head, I’m procrastinating!

7. Sleep at a beach under the stars, hopefully with some friends, for security reasons… *winks*

8. Lose weight and gain a hot butt. And be a little narcissistic? *grins*

9. Find out how I can realise the plans to build custom furniture by myself, for my room. Thereafter, build it.

10. Recycle and reuse whatever I can.

11. Be more social with people I don’t know at a social event.

12. Disallow society to dictate my actions.

13. Learn to juggle. I was inspired by Joan Of Arcadia for this one.

14. Create awareness on environmental degradation and human-rights horrors!

15. Be less primitive with my eating behaviour.

The below are things I have little influence on but I hope will change for the better…

1. My parents health

2. Reduce eczema flare-ups and cure/treat my dry scalp.

3. Rid of pimples and some scars.

4. Hope I don’t have loose skin after butt-loss. Oh god, it mustn’t happen!

5. Fart lesser *LOL*

– Logen Lanka


A Little HP Goes A Long Way

2006 December 28, 3:24 am

Attention! to all the muggles out there. The below is promotional info on wand-dueling. Buy the complete course at 8000 galleons (40 000 sterling pounds, S$120 800).

Being a muggle, you’d think that our course would be useless for you. After all, the definition for the term -‘muggle’, means ‘non-magical person’. However, let us assume the age old adage of ‘knowledge is power’ to be true.

Call the wizarding hotlines, (+62442) MUGGLECOURSE. Magical hotline.

P.S. That was totally random *winks*. And Bella looks hot, okay, I mean the actress…

– Logen Lanka


Nearing The New Year

2006 December 26, 10:09 pm

Dear visitors, a move in site is expected by early January. The redirects: ‘’ and ‘’, will be updated to reflect the change.

I have been testing several servers and will reveal the host in due course. In addition, I will also be purchasing a top-level domain. This will also be revealed later.

On a different note, my eczema has gotten really bad and in consequence, so has my mood. I’ll be going to the National Skin Centre when the appointment date confirms. Hopefully, the condition can be treated satisfactorily or else madness may overcome me and death be a blessing.

Happy New Year. I know, the mention of death preceding a new year greeting is an ideal thing. Do cut me some slack.

P.S. I shall smile despite the torturous scratching. 🙂

– Logen Lanka


Latest Developments 2006

2006 December 23, 11:13 pm

I might be blog-moving to Freehostia temporarily. Until I can afford to pay for a web host, there I’ll stay. However my site may risk being suspended  as their ‘terms of service’ may be incompatible with it.

Having said that, there may be a short hiatus for the blog. I apologise for not delivering the Christmas posts; I hadn’t expected it to be so busy at this time of year.

For Singaporean visitors, watch ‘Love Actually’ on Sunday, 10pm, Channel 5. For visitors of other countries, I recommend that you do rent the movie for the holidays. Merry Christmas! 🙂


Makeover 2006 Preplans

2006 December 21, 6:24 am


Awhile ago, I have mentioned my intention to straighten and bleach my hair. Albeit so, I needed a vague idea of how I’d look as a blond and without zits. 😀

Hence, the above, done with Serif PhotoPlus 6. I am rather satisfied with it and aim to bleach it slightly whiter than that.

If you want to straighten your hair yourself, get ‘Wella Hair Straightener -strong’. It is one of the better chemical hair-straightener. It is also the thing if you don’t really want curtain hair.

Beaute Spring sells it at $8.90 at usual price. Don’t get them at departmental stores, it is much more expensive.

Watch this space for updates on the makeover.

P.S. I might be bleaching my eyebrows with lemon…

Note: prices are in Singapore Dollars

– Logen Lanka


Mini Random Updates

2006 December 20, 3:45 am

On the following day, I plan to do the following:

  1. Get hair straightening cream
  2. Get Gatsby Hair Bleach
  3. Get Christmas Presents
  4. Start studying English (if time is available)

Hopefully, it doesn’t rain too heavily like it has for the past one day. Having checked the wall thermometer constantly, the lowest temperature in my room was 24.7  degrees Celsius. Whereas, now it is 27.5 degree Celsius. And I’m not running the weather channel…

Just a last word here.  I went a bit bonkers with the entry yesterday. Call that a momentary relapse to the horrid past emotionally which consequently influenced some ‘conditions’. I’m over it now; the mood, not the lust. 😀

Life is a paradox… Nonetheless, Merry Christmas!

– Logen Lanka