I’m A Naughty Boy

2006 December 5, 5:17 am

Bet the title caught your attention, didn’t it? 😀 So, what am I guilty of? Not updating, and having a naughty post below. Although, I mentioned the hiatus in the previous entry, it seemed a tad bit longer than short.

Instead of planning the Christmas Special, writing or studying Chemistry/English, I have been ‘spring-cleaning’ my room. The clutter and strewn about papers had been driving me crazy.

Not forgetting, I have taken to organising the barbecue for my class of year 2004. Let us just say the barbecue planning has hit a snag. Amidst all, I do, however, promise to reveal the sarong socks…



Now, my Meez is so hot, like me. Well, it is me in one of my fantasies; I’m a hot vampire in Slytherin, looking for victims. ‘Yum yum…’, licks lips in anticipation.

Forgive my ‘horns’. I’m a naughty boy. Wahahaha! Cut to the chase, I want my meal to come in fuzzy socks!

P.S. Oh god, there’s my inspiration for the short story, and I don’t mean the kinky details…

– Logen Lanka


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