Writing Is My Love

2006 December 8, 6:22 pm

At this stage of the holidays, I have seriously considered being a freelance writer and made my decision. The pull, of course, is the amount of free time. More importantly, however, I would be doing what I love.

Online freelance avenues concerned, I found none except Helium. Despite the prospect of being paid, I refuse to place my works among thorns. Having read negative feedback and tried Helium out, it can be said that their rating system and lack of editorial staff is the cause of their downfall.

As for the real world, in Singapore, Reader’s Digest has been unearthed in my still-ongoing search. They offer US$100 for your funny story, and $500 for your personal experience, if published. I shall think of something witty. Muahahaha!

Allow me to continue my search. Rest assured that I have not forgotten about the Christmas Special. 17 days to Christmas! 🙂

– Logen Lanka


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