Bloody Lustful Hormones

2006 December 19, 2:38 am

The cool weather possesses one to desire cuddles; taste silky sweet lips; and breathe in the warm sensuous bodily scent.

Thus far, however, someone has yet to make claims on that certain someone; this I dare not do. Had my desires been proclaimed, harsh judgement would have besieged me and no longer would we be friends.

Despite the signs seen and sensed, I distrust myself. When one is controlled by poisonous lust, reason and logic is lost.

Lonely Hawthorn Tree by jont, http://sxc.hu

Pathetic I am, to dwell in fantasies of my mind but this, I cannot help; my hormones rage like charging bulls. Although, there be a day when all kinship I renounce (for that is the price), that day is still distant.

Sighs, the irony… I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop…

P.S. Do not ask who, as only my death will reveal it… Don’t worry I’m not depressed again.

– Logish


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