New Year Resolutions

2006 December 31, 12:47 am

I’ve been rather cranky lately due to the gradual flare-up of eczema. Well, it is said that during adversity, people show their true colours. Hence, my first resolution as follows:


1. Be at peace within, and think pragmatically, at all times. Especially during adversity.

2. Devote snippets of time for insight-meditation.

3. Learn Spanish and Esperanto. Yeah! I want to be Zorro. *laughs*

4. Write freelance at least once for a magazine (preferably literary/reader’s digest).

5. Devote time to seek ultimate reality, just as the Buddha had done. Thus explains why I’m going to further studies on Physics and Chemistry.

6. Write a short-story/novel. Despite having the whole plot in my head, I’m procrastinating!

7. Sleep at a beach under the stars, hopefully with some friends, for security reasons… *winks*

8. Lose weight and gain a hot butt. And be a little narcissistic? *grins*

9. Find out how I can realise the plans to build custom furniture by myself, for my room. Thereafter, build it.

10. Recycle and reuse whatever I can.

11. Be more social with people I don’t know at a social event.

12. Disallow society to dictate my actions.

13. Learn to juggle. I was inspired by Joan Of Arcadia for this one.

14. Create awareness on environmental degradation and human-rights horrors!

15. Be less primitive with my eating behaviour.

The below are things I have little influence on but I hope will change for the better…

1. My parents health

2. Reduce eczema flare-ups and cure/treat my dry scalp.

3. Rid of pimples and some scars.

4. Hope I don’t have loose skin after butt-loss. Oh god, it mustn’t happen!

5. Fart lesser *LOL*

– Logen Lanka


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