Plans To Be A Narcissist

2007 January 6, 4:18 am

I intend to have a different look. Take this as rebellion against the four years of oppressive school rules and self-experimentation.With that said, I’ve been intrigued by the Gothic-look for awhile, and would likely go for that. I just love the eroticised look. However, I’m not going to conform to what is defined as Gothic or whatsoever, for that matter.

“Nonconformity for the sake of nonconformity, is in fact conformity” -unknown

There goes the chattering. So, I’m going to…

  • bleach my hair, to brown or near white (depends on whether I look like an old man with the latter)
  • reduce the volume of my hair and/or get a Mohawk
  • begin losing my big ugly arse and gain a sexy hot arse
  • get contact lens
  • alter some of my clothes

About the hair colour, I’ll consult three of my friends – Ais, Mandy and Harris, but ultimately it’s up to me. Till later…

– Logen Lanka

image source: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/576079



  1. erm…isn’t a narcissist a person in love with himself? or are you bent on making over so you can fall in love with yourself?

  2. Actually, I already am one. lol.

    But I don’t mind change after more than four years of oppression. 🙂

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