Follow Up On The Makeover

2007 January 10, 5:07 am

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney

Having followed through phase 1 of the plan, I’m starting to like the hair-cut. I had the sides of my hair thinned as I’m a natural Einstein. Here’s a tip, if you like a particular style, not only tell, but show the barber; print a picture or something.

As for phase 2, the bleaching, my choice is leaning towards white blond or brown; too much yellow makes me look like a beng-a-be. In passing, I did ask my dad for his opinion of me bleaching. He didn’t say no but wasn’t too happy about it. No objections, so be it.
Thursday it is, I’ll get the supplies after I get some sleep. As you know, I have a rather solid plan 🙂

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail” -a proverb

– Logen Lanka



  1. Talking to you tat day makes me miss those days. BUT GOSH OH GOSH WILL YOUR HAIR LOOK AWESOME!! Let screw our hair up together!! YAY!!!

  2. Pray that my life won’t be ruined as a result. Lol. Will talk with you again some day. 😉

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