Confused As To The Colour

2007 January 12, 6:11 am

I have acquired the bleach already but according to the bottle, the results for 20 minutes may be too yellowish. Testing with photo manipulation, the colour, I looked like a transvestite.

I fear that the maximum time of 30 minutes may not be enough for white blond to present itself. In addition, my hair grows rather quickly and I don’t want the roots to show. Let’s not talk about the eyebrows. Perhaps I should have gotten professional help instead.

The problem with an asian wanting bleached white blond hair is that you don’t really have many asians as picture-reference; most I found were some really fair-skinned japanese. I’m a half-blood (Indian-chinese), so my skin’s in-between.

I wanted to go for the slight contrasting look. I did try out with photo manipulation the desired results and I liked it.
So, what are my potential problems?

  • parents freaking
  • friends freaking (actually the very least of my concern)
  • unsuitability to my liking
  • my eyebrows may be screwed for life
  • reinflamation of eczema
  • spending more money (for damage control plan)
  • Worst of all, if damage control is used, it can only be used a week later. And I have to get out of the house to get the supplies.

Should I just play safe with brown or take a risk? Personally I prefer the latter but I do not know as to whether this is a stupid risk. If it turns out as desired, I’ll give my mirror image a raunchy wet kiss… I love myself…

P.S. I obviously haven’t done the bleach yet. I did a last minute search on the suitability of dark eyebrows and white blond hair…

– Logen Lanka


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