Yea Rub Some Salt Onto The Wound…

2007 January 13, 11:45 pm

Not only is the hair screwed, people just can’t back off; I am, of course, talking about family. Well, it is the fact that I bleached and not the bullshit hair that bothers them more.

Here are the types of reasons given to me as to why I should not change my hair colour:

  • stereotypes of people who change their hair colour
  • discriminative people who love to judge and gossip
  • troublemakers who would have an added ‘justification’ to cause trouble

Firstly, stereotypes are stereotypes. Do the rest of us asians kill ourselves because of what those neo-nazis? Same thing for the above, let people talk. This covers the first two points.

Next, as for people who seek trouble, I can hardly say that I’ll check my horoscope daily to see if trouble will meet me a certain day. Things happen and it basically is like the same thing above. If it satisfies, I’ll save up for a taser gun/pepper spray but I do think my fart is more potent…

“Never ever dictate my actions…”

– Logen Lanka



  1. after what seems like years after, i finally mange to post a comment here….heh, are you alright? you do get into weird situations sometimes. anyway, i’m sure your hair is not that bad, the photo looks okay. anyway, think abt it this way, chinese new year is only a way of getting money.new looks are a must ,cause u decided to change yourself to bring in new karma,thus more good luck. tell THAT to your relatives!

  2. I don’t even want to talk about it. Thanks for your concern though 🙂

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