Back Off, I’m A Thorn In Your Flesh

2007 January 17, 8:16 pm

When I was still schooling, you told me you only grumble about school grades. That was a lie. Years ago you told me you would not meddle in my personal decisions. But that too was a lie.

You feign openness just to lure me to the open, but once again its just fake parental bullshit. Don’t worry I won’t place a burden upon you. Sooner than you know, I’ll be gone.

Why don’t you just come out straight with me. Tell me that our relationship is built upon conditional love. I’d rather be hurt this once than the many times I have been hurt; it isn’t nice to keep nicking a fresh scar…

If there be a next time, think more than twice if what you want, is a child or a mirror. The latter is cheaper, easier to deal with and when broken – years of bad luck. The former, on the other hand, is the opposite – the shame of your flesh when unbroken.

No longer do I need anyone. This, I gave up long ago…

– Logish



  1. Hey is everything okay? Don’t be so angry and all k? If anything ill be glad to listen… Erm… life is grand.. =) take care… Dun worry so much… Loves~

  2. Nah, I’m okay. Just some unresolved feelings, thats all.

    If you experience something constantly, your body will have a certain defence mechanism to protect you from harm. Mine was in nearly full force when the post was written…

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