Letter To My Grandfather

2007 January 23, 3:41 am

Dear Ah Kong,

it was today that you left for the next journey nine years before. I was one of your favourite grandchildren. Do I, however, even know if you’d still love me the same for what I have become? Have I become your shame?

I live some days in fear of being left forlorn by those I love. I can’t help but detach myself. It’d be easier for me to leave them than for them to scorn and eventually leave me.

I think about you sometimes, but what use would it be when you are no longer here. Am I naive to think that if you were still here, I’d be loved as I am? I keep my questions going but never will they be answered. As much as I wish you were here my tears will not revive you.

Nonetheless, perhaps from the grave, you’d know this – I love and miss you. At this age, this seems so profane a thing to say but I mean it as it is.

P.S. Wherever you are I hope understanding transcends language.

Your Grandson,

Logen Lanka


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