Life Reclaimed

2007 January 25, 1:47 am

After about two weeks of angst and then acknowledging it the night before, I am quite sure it is now gone. When one is so obsessively angsty in a situation and spares no time to think objectively, the consequences will no doubt be undesirable.

Obviously I have failed my first goal on the life list but I refuse to give up. Where motivation fails thy mind, the only thing hence left to do is to persist.

Anyway, pray that I’d be able to contact-juggle. I’ve been trying it with a small ball with some progress. I intend to get the proper-sized one next month, or so I hope.

– Logish



  1. how come there’s no comments? LMAO..

    CHILL LAH!!!! don be stressed…

    And stacy if u see this ,u owe me ice cream!!!!

  2. Since when was I stressed. I’m just preparing myself for the inevitable. 🙂

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