Memories Of Yesterday

2007 January 30, 12:00 am

Lately I have been rather sentimental as the memories of my soon-to-end teenage life keeps occurring. Late last night after everyone had slept, I opened the windows wide and the wind hit me with a sweet smell of familiarity.

Long had the smell of that very night been forgotten and I smiled at the pleasant reminder. Perhaps it was fear that the reminiscence would fade, for I pressed my face against the grille, desperately breathing in the cool night-time zephyr till my emotions calmed.

As much as I’d like to relate the story, I doubt my state of mind would allow it. Not forgetting, I had once written about it in an essay which since had been irretrievable despite reassurance from the teacher that it’d be returned.

Nevertheless, ponder these words of the trailer that follows. I quote:

“In all our lives there is a fall from innocence. A time after which we’re never the same.” – Stand By Me

Admittedly, being the horny teenager I am, I might not be that innocent. However, I was naive and foolish, and maybe I still am. Soon, though, things will change and nothing can be done.

Note: I graduated the previous year from secondary school and am awaiting the O Level results which would determine my path.

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– Logish



  1. LOL. wad soon to end teenage life?! not yet la! and dun make mi sound so old! xP

  2. Remember, I’m older than you. lol. And, the teenage years, which is sustained in some way by a child-like quality, are soon to end.

    You are a young immature child, Lauren. You still have a long time. LMAO.

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