Overeat And Itch

2007 January 31, 4:05 am

My eyes are in tremendous danger of shutting soon but despite so, I cannot yet sleep; I confess myself to be overeating rather consistently. The stomach craves for a little more, making you mistake it for hunger and thinking it’d be the last bite. However, just as in procrastination, the last bite never comes.

Actually, I can think of more things that follow the same logic -an itch, for example, which is now afflicting my body. The quietly professed ‘last’ scratch never is the last. Hopefully the itch stops when I’m ready to slumber.

It is no wish of mine though to become fat and have sores on my skin. I need to reduce the eating and scratching. To aid in not overeating, I think I ought to print out my life list; especially number four on the list: “Lose weight, especially my big arse!”

– Logish


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