Imagination Exhausted

2007 February 1, 7:28 pm

At some point, after replaying the many fantasies in your mind, the imagination plateaus considerably. At least mine has but I’m confident that it’d be back stronger than ever in due course. However, in order for it to recover, I’ll have to let the mind rest for a few days.


Anyway, I believe that my sleep paralysis is returning as there was an occurance yesterday. I’m not totally opposed to having hallucinations while in a seemingly awake state of mind. It aids in my writing efforts and sometimes appeal to me erotically. Don’t misunderstand me though, there are times when the hallucinations are frightening.

Just imagine opening your eyes to an indescribable face of horror close to you, smiling malevolently at the fact that you cannot move. I shall say no more of it.

– Logish



  1. LMAO LOGEN!! i ACCIDENTALLY spammed ur poll.. lolsaniwaes, for a more accurate result, juz minus 3 votes from the 3rd option. lols hope u don bear ani grudges man.. lols

    im so off topic

  2. Not really of topic actually. lol.

    I’ll keep in mind to minus 3 votes but I did place an anti-‘spam’ measure on the poll. Grr, must go check with the poll host.

  3. ARGGHHH!! im sogonna change my email address man.. i hate writing it .. SO LONG!!! and ur stooopid blog requires me to re-enter it everytime i wanna leave a comment.. LOL

    aniwaes, i tink the anti spam works.. but im smart enough luhh… just refresh and poll again lor.. haha HEARD TAD EVERYONE? CLICK REFRESH AND POLL AGAIN!!! MAKE LOGEN HAPPIE AND POLL AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!! LMAO

    OFF topic again XD IM loving it!

  4. The email thing is to reduce the chance of spammers spamming. If you have set your browser options to ‘auto-complete’, you wouldn’t have to type the whole email everytime.

    LOL. Then again, if you visit porn sites, people will know.

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