The Results And My Feelings

2007 February 9, 11:48 pm

As with tradition, one-third of my class of so-called “delinquents” were barred entry into the school hall due to our unsuitable hairstyles. Thus, delaying us at least an hour before we could get the envelopes.

Detained For Improper Hairstyles

My fears were completely unfounded; I scored an L1R4 of 12 points, which is sufficiently good for an ideal polytechnic course. I couldn’t help but stare at the slip periodically, quite disbelieving the results.

Thereafter, a few of my friends and I had lunch at LJ (Long John’s). Of the group, Lauren and I enthusiastically looked over the information booklet, marking the courses that interest us.

Despite the good news, I am saddened for two intimate friends of mine who did not do as well. No one wants to have fewer doors to open for the future, much less if it entails a bleak one. I am determined, in ways I can, to help.

Right now, nostalgia fills my heart. Memories, one after another, flit through my mind and tears threaten to flow at what no longer will be. This is why, each time I try not to attach to people; impermanance, ironically, is the only permanance; the blessing and curse of our existence.

“Your mouth, so hot.

Your web, I’m caught.” -Alice Cooper

– Logish

equivocal note: I want freely to love you, but its just not possible. It tears my insides up so badly…



  1. i feel like im reading a divination lot!

  2. & how come got my picture there! wht kinda comment thing is this! so freaky! WHY MY PICTURE AUTOMATICALLY THERE?!!!

  3. LOL! Eileen, my comment system automatically extracts your picture from any profile (e.g. Friendster). However, let us just take it that there is a powerful enchantment placed upon my blog.

    I don’t quite understand your first comment though.

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