Detective Stories Classics

2007 February 11, 3:14 am

I descend slowly into the world of crime where three sides exist; the victim, the guilty and justice itself. I’m beginning to love that fictional world, which both Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle contributes to so impeccably. Rather difficult to choose between Poirot or Holmes, for both have stunning analytical capabilities and their little quirks.

Anyway, at present aside reading (which aids in giving me a better writing perspective), I’m focusing on planning the plot of my novel. To add on, I have to make my course options by the 14th of February.

I’m still feeling sentimental about my certain someone, who in fact is not mine. Separated by distance and social group…

– Logish



  1. ooh! shermlock holmes rocks! miss marple too. but have u read any mysteries abt Sam Spade? they are quite good too.

  2. Unfortunately, I’ve only started reading them reccently. Soon, perhaps, I would. 🙂

    I do want to read a bit of Mark Twain and the other classics though. And I’m very aware that I’m behind on reading. lol.

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