Guard Thy Darkest Secrets

2007 February 11, 10:44 pm


When one has something to hide, he would either lie or speak ambiguously, sometimes both. It’s very much the same in novels, and is written with skillful subtlety; so only the handful who are observant and analytical would notice them.

On the subject of ambiguousness, I’ve used it a great deal of times, going to the extent of leaving out minor details to further mislead. As great Poirot once had said: “Never do I deceive you, […]. I only permit you to deceive yourself.”.

That said, I’m not too adverse to lying, especially when the situation permits it. The risks, however, when one contradicts oneself by mistake, is far too huge to take. And I do prefer truths to lies.

Although it is easy to ascertain if one is hiding something, it is difficult to say what it is. It is especially when the secret is crucial to life or death; it will be guarded at the bearer’s expense no matter what, quite ironically; death for a secret untold is nevertheless the same as death by a secret told. Unless, of course, a fate worse than death entails.

The question is, what are you and I hiding beneath our masks…
– Logish

image source: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/572253



  1. Logen…. How many lies can one person really take? How many heartaches? How many exactly? Isit wrong to let the pain go and risk having new ones being taken in? How far can one go with a risk? I always looked to you for philosophical answers tat can bring me back up.. Pls.. help me this time… Im hurting…

  2. One can take as many lies as one -chooses- to take. To, choose, to hold on to pain, just to serve as a protective mechanism to the future hurts you will get, is foolish. It will make you a bitter person.

    All your questions hint that you do not want to feel hurt. No one does. However, so long as we attach, we’re prone to fear. Fear of losing what we identify as part of us, causes hurt; ultimately its the fear of death, fear of the unknown. Everything in life is impermanent.

    There is no such thing as fate/destiny. Hence nothing is hopeless. Remember the fire and fire analogy? Use water…

    I know the words here are really ambiguous but I respect your privacy. Though you did not mention, I have an inkling as to what it is. Sometimes you have to think with your head than rely predominantly on the heart.

  3. thx… ill keep that in mind… Well… Choices.. Those i really hate to make but i gotta… hai.. Thx… =)

  4. If you need to talk, you know what to do. 🙂

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