Don’t Take Things For Granted

2007 February 13, 6:21 am

This is quite a simple entry but I deem it important. This is my form of closure before I undertake higher education; to leave behind whoever I’ve come to know and attached to. In the past, I was rather melodramatic about change but now the fact of impermanance is settling in.

This is a dedication to all whom I have met. My sincerity does not lessen if I fail to mention your name. I want it known that some of the conversations we had, no matter how short or seemingly nonsensical, really inspired me and prodded me into deep contemplation.

Mandy and Ais we have been intimate friends for a long time. You both have really added a special perspective to my journey of self-discovery, for which without would take longer for me to reach.

Harris, Lauren, Gui Feng, Nuraini, Chia Hsin and Bala, we have shared many deep and very insightful conversations. Those little quirks of you each, I’d always remember.

Ze An, Zhi Wei, Eileen, Stacy, Guan Yu, Guan Kai, Florence, Jeffrey, Shun Li, Hakim, Nicholas, Khrisha, Krtisty, Mr Vane, Chen Xia, Meryl, Champa and Sook Han; I liken all of you to be like zen masters. The things randomly said and actions done prod me to think a lot, philosophically. Thank you for that.

As for teachers who have inspired me, with philosophy or just pure enthusiasm, they are Mrs Wendy Lai, Mr Terence Tan, Mrs Harridas, Mr Desmond Chan, Mrs Singh and Ms Tanny Koh.

Henceforth, do I wish to move on with life. When we do separate and grow distant, the words here though not succinct, have summarised how I feel about you all. Goodbye to all who would eventually leave; regardless, all the best…

With Love,




  1. dude,i dunno abt the others,but that is the coolest hing someone said abt me. makes the whole four years with ppl who hate me kinda worthwhile if i did make an impact on someone. thanks for your wisdom too! i wouldn’t have gotten through the sad days without your words.

  2. You’re welcome šŸ™‚ I just speak whatever is true.

  3. woooo!! i see my name! so honored! hahaha. nice being your fren, shared lots of problems with you. i know i can be irritating at times LOL. thanks for helping mi with the decision in courses and the registration! hope we’ll end up in same poly! (:

  4. Oh Lauren, isn’t that too easy? I expect payment for our friendship. LOL.

    Alright I’m joking. It’s a wonderful friendship I have with a bimbo who tried to scare a bird by saying ‘BOO!’, to no avail. LMAO!

  5. I thank you for the friendship we shared in the 4 years too… I am deeply touched even by that few sentence of words that you dedicated so nicely to me and Ais. Its the appreciation in being friends that makes friendship worthwhile. Thanks alot. For being my fren. and being thr when i need you. For those advices. Thanks. For being you and sharing my secrets. thank you. I wish you all the best too logen. In all of your future journeys. And all the things you wish to accomplish, i wish you luck and all the best. This freindship will last. I believe it. =)

  6. HEYS! woah! you did mention my name too. Didnt know that i leave such a impression in you till now. Am gald. You are indeed a good friends. One who is always so joker and loyal. yupps. Do take care. All the best to you too! *wink* Wishing you a happy new year too. Enjoy and live life to the fullest. Cheers!=)

  7. Thanks to you both (Mandy & Sook Han). There will come a time where all things decay to their original form. Things will go as they will šŸ™‚

  8. But memories will always stay with you. We will meet up when we are fated to. Like that day i accidentally met you on the bus. Let nature takes it’s course ba. cyaz.*wink*

  9. There is no fate but probability and chance. Let us hope for the best, Sook Han šŸ™‚

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