Overwhelmed And Tortured By Thoughts

2007 February 19, 12:52 am

Remember my previous entry with the erotic sonnet? One should never entertain such thoughts, especially when pain entails at the end. Forget what I said; so long as one lives, the  spectrums of pain and pleasure is of certainty.

Somehow, someday, I want to do something drastic. I have yet to know what but definitely I am aware of my intentions; to rid of sufferring, through knowledge.

For now, lust and maybe my craving for love entraps me. I apologise for my incoherent ramblings. It happens whenever I am overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts. Therefore, my need for the first on my life-list: Be at peace within and hence, think pragmatically and systematically at all times.
– Logish



  1. lmao.. i don understand the previous post.. hahas.. aniwaes, bout ur previous previous post, GOT MY NAME! lols.. Logen, i told u b4, u’re sum1 whom i respect alot, sum1 whom i trust. Thnx for being there for me in times when i feel real low… And i too remember telling u to scrap the “i don wanna be too attached” attitude..lols.. onli time will tell aite?One thing is for sure, u got a fren in me. XD

  2. I would also like to thank you likewise for a generous extent of acceptance in the past when I was clearly unpopular. To those whom I care about, I will be there to the best of my abilities but expect nothing in return.

    Anyway, about my attitude on non-attachment; attachment is merely the response to fear of the unknown(change). The miserable fact is that everything is ever-changing. And yes, time will tell how my thoughts will develop…

    P.S. If you’d like I can explain the sonnet. LOL. It can be said that I was highly emotional and hormonal when it was written.

  3. lmao.. u haven sleep seh.. hahas..

    Erm.. about explaining the sonnet, i think i’ll give it a pass.. hahas.. u may however, explain it to all in your next post..

    All the best in wadever u do sLave Logish.


  4. A slave whom, as much as he pleases, deems the true king a slave, is still nothing but a slave. lol. My time to reign has past though and it is time I joined the immortals 😀

  5. Dear Logish,
    I was surfing philosophy and came across your sonnet. The sword cuts both ways and we are all slaves. I propose that slavery, like freedom, is a state of mind. The caged bird sings because it takes more than bars to make a cage.

  6. Indeed it is a matter of perspective. However, with an extreme mental stimulus(and sometimes physical), it is difficult to internalise it.

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