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I’m A Naughty Boy

2006 December 5, 5:17 am

Bet the title caught your attention, didn’t it? 😀 So, what am I guilty of? Not updating, and having a naughty post below. Although, I mentioned the hiatus in the previous entry, it seemed a tad bit longer than short.

Instead of planning the Christmas Special, writing or studying Chemistry/English, I have been ‘spring-cleaning’ my room. The clutter and strewn about papers had been driving me crazy.

Not forgetting, I have taken to organising the barbecue for my class of year 2004. Let us just say the barbecue planning has hit a snag. Amidst all, I do, however, promise to reveal the sarong socks…



Now, my Meez is so hot, like me. Well, it is me in one of my fantasies; I’m a hot vampire in Slytherin, looking for victims. ‘Yum yum…’, licks lips in anticipation.

Forgive my ‘horns’. I’m a naughty boy. Wahahaha! Cut to the chase, I want my meal to come in fuzzy socks!

P.S. Oh god, there’s my inspiration for the short story, and I don’t mean the kinky details…

– Logen Lanka


Holiday List Of Want-To-Do’s

2006 November 16, 12:26 am

The list is as follows:


1. Repaint, refurnish and unclutter my room.

I intend to go to Ikea to be inspired. Although I have already formed plans in my head, I’ll have to judge if they are a little too far-fetched. How about an enchanted ceiling, like in Hogwarts?

2. Restudy the foundations of English grammar and work up to advanced. Upgrade my vocabulary.

3. Embark on studying physical/earth geography (namely the impact on climate) and chemistry.

For points 2 and 3, I’ll have to make a trip to some major bookstore to get some proper books from Cambridge or Oxford Press. It is unfortunate that most Popular Bookstore outlets do not have the specific books I want.

The study of these disciplines are in line with my future aspirations. More on my aspirations, on another day and on another entry.

4. Write a short story/novel.

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time. Finally, I am not too encumbered by my manic depressive moods, to write in a level-headed manner.

5. Get a hosting and domain account from GoDaddy, for my blog.

I have said it before but I’ll say it again – I need more flexibility for blogging!

6. Get a crazy hairstyle.

Whitish blond with streaks, and straightened. Something gothically punkishly emoish [note that the three words preceding the parenthesis do not exist].

7. Go to the temple for meditation.

Having enough of my fear of depression, which in itself induces depression, I need to cultivate inner peace.

8. Go on a mild diet and exercise more often, in hope to lose my cursed butt and a bit of flab.

This would be a long-term goal -if I lose it to quickly, the skin will get all saggy. Urgh! By the time the routine is over, I am going to be narcissistic…

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the sexiest and hottest of them all? Why master Logen, it’s you of course. Muahahahahahaha!

9. Go window-shopping/shopping for the sake of getting into the Christmas spirit.

Actually, it is more so, for the purpose of seeing the decorations. Not to forget, I would also like to rent some VCD’s to bring in the Christmas cheers.

10. Make homemade snow-globes and goodies with my sister.


I made a promise to her that we’re going to have an informal party. Can’t wait! My sister is 6, by the way.

This concludes my list of desires. Now, let me wallow in self-pity and whimper for my certain someone. [laughs] That sexy bitch! Nonetheless, merry Christmas!

Picture Source: [snow globe]


Ironic Dream

2006 October 25, 11:57 pm

Is it not strange how we could readily believe what our mind perceives. The dreams we enter nightly, some we like and some we don’t. Yet, most of them, we have no control over. It is the reverse which is true -we allow it to control us, and we show our uninhibited character.

It was in this morning that I had slept, having a nightmare of myself discovering that I was a squib. For the benefit for those who do not know, a squib is a person who comes from a family lineage of wizards and witches but does not possess any magical powers.

Hence in discovery of the dreaded ‘fact’, I was crying in the dream, wondering why I was so different from the others. After I awoke, I was pondering, just pondering about that wretched dream, which I had thought to be real.

To wish it to be true would mean the entire Harry Potter Universe existed within our world. However, it would consequently mean that I would be a squib, rendering my knowledge of the magical world both to be useless and a cause of pain.

If the opposite was wished for, the HP Universe would then not exist. The term, ‘squib’, would therefore, not apply.

Sighs… What an irony.

Then again, my father, in the dream of course, did say that there was a possibility of something/someone sapping my powers, as there was a previous occasion where I had presented some magical ability. Thus, it was only logical that something was causing it to be diminished.

Now, all I have to do is wait for that darn owl. I hope the haze did not cause the delay of my Hogwarts letter. WOO! *grins maniacally*

P.S. Don’t mind me, I’m as usual, going from philosophical to being thoroughly maniacal.


Crude And Worried

2006 October 19, 12:27 am

I love you. You love me. We’re a happy family. With a great big fuck and a kiss from me to you. Won’t you say you love me too.

Don’t you just love that song? Yea, I love my wishful baby too.

Alright, fine, I’m feeling rather crude now. For the past hour, I have been photocopying nearly three-quaters of the notes (the thickness of 1/8 of the Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire novel) that Miss Tanny Koh has given me.

What great motivation to study! At least, I now know how it is to have a career as a photocopy shop operator…

Anyway, it is Sciences Practical tomorrow for the O’s. I am rather confident for Chemistry, so long as the theoretical question does not involve molecular calculations or rates of reactions. I studied those before but my memory failed me again. As for physics, I need to do a bit of reading up on the chapter of electricity.

All the best to me then. I don’t believe in luck.

When things seem bad, it’s time to say, ‘I love myself.’ Yep, I do. Who wouldn’t…


I Am Losing Qi

2006 October 17, 10:05 pm

My energy is maxing out; I am unmotivated, though extremely inspired to do anything other than studying. Finally, I may be ready to come up with the storyline.

For those who do not know, I have a passion for writing. However, my capricious moods affects it most of the time.
Anyway, on studying  for the O’ Levels, everytime I complete a particular topic for a certain subject and move on to another, my memory junks out the previous information. It just is very discouraging.  I am bleeding tired of it happening…

Ahhh! Irritated beyond irritated. Let me revert to thinking about my special someone. I do think I am starting to get obsessed.

It is time to detach from the moods for now and remind myself of how delluded I am by those emotions. Urgh! Need to meditate again but I forgot how…

P.S. This is the most informal post I have written. Aside that, its time I shut the bloody ego up. It has been the cause of my moods. Then again, I haven’t had my dinner yet.


Kinky Ikea Advertising

2006 September 11, 12:03 am

[Ikea Advertisement]

The advertisement is so amusing. I have heard of bondage, but this, is another thing. Let’s leave it at that.


[Another Ikea Ad]

Here’s another one. What is the moral of the story? Tidy up, my friends.


The Future Of Singapore Idol Contestants

2006 September 3, 10:59 pm

[First Singapore Idol, Taufik, in 7-eleven ad]

Judging by what happened to the first Singapore Idol, Taufik Batisah, we all know that Singapore Idol, bluntly speaking, is simply a competition for a job at 7-Eleven. At best, a cheesy modeling job.

It is then, a mystery to me, why an immense amount of people are willing suffer while lining-up for the auditions. All that needs to be done is to run to the nearest outlet and get an interview for the job. It is after all, a convenience store; it is there for convenience. Then again, some people love challenges. Kudos to them.

Seriously, this is how your singing talent and fame is exploited. They train you to become walking bill-boards.

Need a confirmation? Watch the next video. Sadly enough, they still aren’t aware of their impending fate, despite being in a 7-eleven store.

[S.I. Version Of The Music Video -Hey Ya by Outkast]

On hindsight, I now know why 7-eleven specifically requests them to advertise for BIG GULP. Adding insult to injury, their fates can only be characterised by the big gulp

Disclaimer: I have nothing against the contestants nor 7-eleven. I just think Singapore Idol should quit lying to the contestants. This is especially so, when judging by the votes, most of the viewers have horrible tastes in music, or are terrible judges or simply are deluded that they are watching a modeling contest.