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Garden Plants Update

2006 November 26, 4:44 pm

Plant Motel

The tiny plants in the motel. It actually is a reused biscuit tray. As they say: “reduce, reuse, recycle!”

Plant Intensive Care Unit

Whereas, over here, the aloe vera is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). I suspected that its roots were rotting from the yellowing leaves, due to the soggy soil subtitute. Thus, I dried the blue stuff, break them into managable bits and then replanted the aloe vera and air plant together.

Over the next few days, I anticipate grass-growing, literally. I have acquired the seeds of the uninvited grass whoose seed had landed in the pot.

P.S. I really need another pot/container…


A Day Of Gardening

2006 November 24, 5:09 am

This is in line with my list of want-to-do’s for the holidays. My want for inner-peace and a refurnished room, prodded me to turn to gardening; houseplants for my room.

[ Soaked Artificial Soil ]

Prior to re-potting, I had to soak the artificial soil for 8 – 10 hours. 1/16 of what you see in the bucket above was its original size before soaking.

Just a chemistry fun fact, the soil is actually poly-something-amide, a type of organic macromolecules. Thus, it can be inferred that nitrogen from the amide linkage is used for plant fertiliser. I’ll check if I’m correct…

Messy Plants
[ Messy & Overcrowded Plants ]

As can be seen above, I had brought in the evidently overcrowded potted plant from outside. 3 types of plants, namely: Aloe Vera, a type of air plant, and grass. The former two are there by invitation, whereas the last, has its seeds flown in from downstairs.

baby airplants
[ Baby Air Plants ]

One of the baby air plants is my sister’s. Well, she was excited about the re-potting. It was one of our little agreements about what we’d do together after my GCE’ O’s.

I was originally thinking of re-potting the baby aloe veras but there weren’t any, due to the overcrowding. So, I re-potted one of the bigger ones instead, hopeful that it would recover to its original state of health.

Finished Plants
[ The Finished Product ]

For now, this is the complete product. I will have to wait until the plants get acclimated to the artificial soil to do anything.

P.S. I added an onion from the kitchen, to the blue container.

-Logen Lanka