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Mini Random Updates

2006 December 20, 3:45 am

On the following day, I plan to do the following:

  1. Get hair straightening cream
  2. Get Gatsby Hair Bleach
  3. Get Christmas Presents
  4. Start studying English (if time is available)

Hopefully, it doesn’t rain too heavily like it has for the past one day. Having checked the wall thermometer constantly, the lowest temperature in my room was 24.7  degrees Celsius. Whereas, now it is 27.5 degree Celsius. And I’m not running the weather channel…

Just a last word here.  I went a bit bonkers with the entry yesterday. Call that a momentary relapse to the horrid past emotionally which consequently influenced some ‘conditions’. I’m over it now; the mood, not the lust. 😀

Life is a paradox… Nonetheless, Merry Christmas!

– Logen Lanka


Snow In Singapore?

2006 December 13, 8:54 pm

A radio station mentioned that it had snowed in Singapore once before. Is the information verifiable?

I decided to investigate…

Using The Search Engine

My search on Google yielded annoying and irrelevant results pertaining mostly to ‘Snow City’. I gave up after several searches

Check on the National Environment Agency (NEA)

NEA’s website showed no info/records on snow or weather anomalies in Singapore. The lowest temperature, though, is 19.4 degrees Celsius.

Emailed Query To NEA

Sending a query to NEA on the above question, I was told that there was no official record of snow in Singapore. And the lowest temperature recorded would not have sustained falling snow.

However, there were unofficial reports from members of public made, claiming that snow had been seen from their high-rise apartments. Albeit so, NEA explains the ‘snow’ to be an optical effect due to tiny floating raindrops under the influence of turbulent air.

Using Basic Knowledge of Science and Geography

Snow is basically water in it’s solid form, which occurs at 0 degrees Celsius or less (depending on purity of water). Bringing the environment into play, the level of humidity, pressure and temperature would determine if snow could occur.

Singapore has an average temperature range of 26 to 31 degrees Celsius and mean humidity 84%. The temperature must be at least minus 6.7 degree Celsius for snow to occur, considering the level of humidity.

As known, I have checked for weather anomalies and there were none. In conclusion, considering the official statement of NEA and the facts, snow would have been impossible.

– Logen Lanka

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Brief Sketch On Global Dimming

2006 November 13, 10:50 pm

Global Dimming, is the gradual decrease in sunlight and solar radiation. It can be generally considered to be the opposite of Global Warming.

Evidence have shown that the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface has decreased by 10 percent over the past decades and the trend is still in continuation. The decreased sunlight is due to Sulphur emissions and other particle that make clouds more reflective. Thus, reflecting solar radiation back into space. In fact, it could be the reason as to why the global temperature statistics are contradicting scientist’s prediction.

With so much pollution occurring, we would have expected a significant increase in global temperature. However, contrary to predictions, parts of the Northern Hemisphere, such as Britain, there has been a reduction in solar radiation.

This would then account for the low rising global temperature. In other words, Global Dimming has been masking the true effects of Global Warming; the computer models that predict a 5 degrees Celsius temperature increase in global temperature by the end of the century might be understated by twice the amount!

Despite the significance and age of the finding, it has not been well-known, due mainly to one factor -it goes against current orthodoxy. Therefore, it had been doubted and disputed by scientists.

However, increasing evidence has been unearthed to support the finding. Perhaps, we will only know to what extent the damage is, once the IPCC has finished its first report on Global Dimming, due in 2007.

Note: The above information is just a brief sketch of what I understand of the situation. As such, there may be mistakes made. I still am trying to find out more. If you are interested, follow the sources of authority below. Not forgetting the IPCC reports.
-Logen Lanka